onsdag 13 januari 2010

Råspont - plankvägg - vägg och tak

Country Homes and Gardens

Comfortable Home

Fine Line Construction

Can you believe that they should start with finishes at the end of this week??

Sitting here and be ordered råspont. Must have råspont on the walls in the hallway upstairs, the wall behind the stairs, the walls of the hall downstairs and ev. one more wall in the living room. Thought first of the hall upstairs and see how it feels.

Then I thought to have råspont the ceiling in the living room upstairs. Have PLASTERED CEILING everywhere else and think it's neat but it's hard to get it really really good over wide areas, so I thought råspont the ceiling on the top floor could be neat. Get a little loft feeling :-)

Some inspiration photos above. And "thousand" issues. What decision is yet to take so there are several aspects and a whole jungle.

  • Should they be wide or narrow 22x120 or 22x95 is enough thin and thinner 17x95?
    Has basically given me the broad.
  • Ruffa side outwards or smoother? Has basically given me for the smoother.
  • Portrait or landscape? Shall have standing. Underlying feels very New England for me and I do not want to lock me too much about it.

Ändspontat should it be said the carpenter. Then they need not bolt up behind the seams. And so is the paint spray paint (for the branches shall not darken), primer and then paint or linseed oil carpentry? Someone painted råspont with linseed oil paint? How was it?

Found the "perfect" råsponten of K-Rauta last week. 22X120 råspontat (9.95 per meter). Should the instant call Beijer and hear if they have and what it costs. Need type of course how much time .....

Yesterday was really anticlimactic. Waiting for a really exciting delivery from England. UPS called and said they would be here within five minutes. So amazingly exciting! Then when he stands outside the door with my package is there anything recorded with bar code so he can not leave the packages. Neeeej! He had to take them with him back to the UPS warehouse. Keeping my fingers crossed that he shows up here again today.