onsdag 23 juli 2008

Brilliante Weblog Award

Coming back from my visit to Vhen I found that my blog friend A-M in Australia has given me and my blog a "Brilliante Weblog Award". Thank you so much A-M!

A-M and her family are building a beautiful home in Brisbane and I really enjoy visiting her blog The House that A-M Built and to share ideas with someone living on the other side of this planet.

I was thinking about who to pass this award on to and realised that most of my favourite blogs already received the award so I decided that I will nominate all of you that I visit more or less daily. Thanks for all the inspiration! And please dont forget to visit A-M (link above).

2 kommentarer:

All Things Blue sa...

Til lykke med awarden - den er fuldt fortjent! og sikke et skønt soveværelse nedenfor - lige min stil ;-)
Mange hilsner!

A-M sa...

Many thanks from the Southern Hemisphere! A-M xx